Coverage of Deepings SC in the local press. If you see any additional articles please let us know..

February 2021: Stamford Mercury: Andy Cardell has been appointed as the new chairman of Deepings Swimming Club

August 2020: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings swimmers look forward to pool return after finding innovative ways to stay fit during coronavirus pandemic

March 2020: Spalding Today: Deepings Swimming Club youngsters star at Grantham Grand Prix

February 2020: Spalding Today: Deepings Swimming Club win a total of 46 medals at Lincolnshire County Championships

February 2020: Spalding Today: Deepings Swimming Club members show personal best form at Lincolnshire County Championships

January 2020: Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swimming Club compete at the Lincolnshire County Championships

January 2020: Spalding Today: Nineteen PBs for Deepings Swimming Club at Level 1 Northampton Winter Festival

December 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swimming Club take part in the Scottish National Short Course Championships at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh

December 2019: Spalding Today: Successful Deepings' swimmers shine at Boston Open Meet with medals galore

November 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swimming Club claim 97 medals at Boston Open Meet

November 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swimming Club quintet compete at Swim England Midland Short Course Championships

October 2019: Stamford Mercury: Fenland League success for Deepings Swimming Club who also compete at two open meets

October 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swimming Club welcome competitors from Boston, Lincoln Trident, South Lincs and Sutton for annual Rob Welbourn Open Meet

September 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings swimmers show promising signs at the Derventio Excel meet in Matlock, Derbyshire, as Jessica O'Herlihy claims eight medals

August 2019: Stamford Mercury: Chris Orchard from Deepings Swimming Club competes in World Masters Championships

August 2019: Spalding Today: Deepings Swimming Club duo stroke for their area with pride at National Championships in Sheffield

August 2019: Spalding Today: Deepings' swimmer makes promising debut at British Championships in Glasgow

July 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings swimmer competes for first time at 2019 British Swimming Summer Championships

July 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swimming Club shine at Chesterfield Summer Splash in Matlock

July 2019: Stamford Mercury: Triple triumph for Bethany ahead of British Championships

May 2019: Stamford Mercury: Hat-trick haul of medals for Marks at Midlands Masters

May 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings' stars of the future shine in Grand Prix event

May 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings swimmer Bethany makes three East Midlands finals

May 2019: Stamford Mercury: Harry and Jessica rewarded for dominant displays

May 2019: Peterborough Telegragh: Deepings swimmers win top club award after claiming 110 medals at Tulip meet

May 2019: Stamford Mercury: Swimming quartet inspire Deepings to enjoy one of their most successful regional championships

April 2019: Peterborough Telegraph: Swimmer Alex strikes gold at regional championships

April 2019: Peterborough Telegraph: Beth wins two medals and breaks Deepings club record

March 2019: Stamford Mercury: Lilly continues impressive form by breaking two club records

March 2019: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings swimmer Lilly blossoms at Grantham

March 2019: Stamford Mercury: Industrious display from inexperienced Deepings squad who get first taste of competition

March 2019:  Peterborough Telegraph: Young Deepings swimmers impress

March 2019: Stamford Mercury: Quality mark for swimming club

February 2019: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings swimmers break four club records

February 2019: Stamford Mercury: Outstanding performances as Deepings swimmers smash four club records

February 2019: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings youngsters excel at the county championships

January 2019: Stamford Mercury: Juniors step up to the mark at county championship

January 2019: Stamford Mercury: Bronze medal for Emma after bonanza of bests

January 2019: Stamford Mercury: Deepings make stunning start at Lincolnshire finals

January 2019: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings swimmers win 26 medals at county championships

December 2018: Stamford Mercury: Tom and Holly break club records at Scottish meet

December 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings duo break club records at the Scottish championships

December 2018: Spalding Guardian: Quartet compete against some of the best swimmers in Britain

November 2018: Stamford Mercury: Brilliant bounty for Deepings swimmers

November 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Seven club records and 103 medals for Deepings Swimming Club

November 2018: Spalding Guardian: Records broken and medals won for Deepings

November 2018: Stamford Mercury: Louis and Holly set new personal bests at Midlands Championships

November 2018: Spalding Guardian: Deepings swim captains break club records

October 2018: Stamford Mercury: Golden treble for Rodney and Tony

October 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings’ amazing Masters win 14 golds at county championships

October 2018: Stamford Mercury: Super Nova success for Deepings' swimmers

October 2018: Stamford Mercury: Medal bonanza for Deepings at Rob Welbourn open meet

October 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings dominate at the Rob Welbourn open meet with 144 medals

October 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Sadler makes a big splash with two club records on his return

October 2018: Stamford Mercury: Louis smashes 17-year-old club record as quartet shine for county

October 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: New club record for Deepings' swimmer Louis

September 2018: Stamford Mercury: Three golds for Kelda in six-medal haul

September 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: New chairman and new kit for Deepings Swimming Club

July 2018: Stamford Mercury: Magnificent medal haul for Deepings swimmers

July 2018: Spalding Guardian: Golden hat-trick for Holly

June 2018: Stamford Mercury: Spinley signs off in style with golden double

June 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Spinley stars in her final competition for Deepings

May 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings swimmers compete strongly against the best

May 2018: Spalding Guardian: Isabel claims silver medal

May 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings win top visiting club trophy at Tulip Meet

May 2018: Stamford Mercury: Majestic medal haul in Deepings' top club coup

May 2018: Spalding Guardian: Top girls Hannah and Lucia lead way for Deepings

May 2018: Stamford Mercury: Tesco hands Deepings Swimming Club cheque for £1,000

May 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Eastern delight for Deepings

May 2018: Spalding Guardian: Alex adds another record

April 2018: Stamford Mercury: Bethany breaks club record as Isabel strikes gold

April 2018: Spalding Guardian: Gold and silver for Isabel

April 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings win five medals at high-quality Easter Meet

March 2018: Stamford Mercury: Isabel smashes two county records after competing with country's best

March 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings ace makes two British Championships finals

March 2018: Spalding Guardian: Four Gold medals and two records for Deepings

March 2018: Rutland and Stamford Mercury: Golden Quartet as Deepings enjoy record-breaking winning sequence

Feb 2018: Stamford Mercury: Bethany and Chloe ensure Deepings finish with a flourish 

Jan 2018: Spalding Today: Strength in depth for DSC

Jan 2018: Stamford Mercury: Strength in depth for DSC

Jan 2018: Peterborough Today: Sadler stars for DSC with five gold medals

Jan 2018: Spalding Today: Hat trick of Club records for Alex

Jan 2018: Peterborough Telegraph: Sadler is a little smasher for Deepings

Jan 2018: Bourne Grammer School Bulletin: Individual Achievements

Jan 2018: Active Magazine, Page 75: Deepings Swimmers win 71 medals at Boston

Dec 2017: Stamford & Rutland Mercury: National finals for Deepings Swimming Club quartet

Dec 2017: Peterborough Telegraph: Spinley breaks club and county record at nationals

Dec 2017: Spalding Today: National finals for Deepings quartet

Nov 2017: Stamford & Rutland Mercury: Record breaking efforts for Deepings starlets

Nov 2017: Stamford & Rutland Mercury: Donations make a slash

Nov 2017: Peterborough Telegraph: Deepings dominate Boston meet

Oct 2017: Active Magazine, Deepings win final round of junior league

Sept 2017: Peterborough Today, Zack on the attack in Deeping win

Sept 2017: Spalding Today, Everyone should be proud

Aug 2017: Spalding Today, Four County records for Deepings

Aug 2017: Peterborough Telegraph, National and British Championships , Medals and records galore...

July 2017: Peterborough Today, European Bronze for Isabel....

July 2017: Spalding Today, Dutch Delight for Deepings

July 2017: Peterborough Today, Deepings Swimmers go Dutch

July 2017: Active Magazine, Stamford and Rutland Pg 61, Deepings swimmers qualify for National Championships

July 2017: Issuu, Deeping, Pg 19, Eight Medals and Making a Splash

June 2017: Rutland and Stamford Mercury, Timing Board

June 2017: Peterborough Today, Local Girls making international debuts in Israel

June 2017: Spalding Today, Eight Medals for Deepings a Regional Championships

June 2017: Peterborough Today, Butterfly bonanza for Deepings Swimmers

May 2017: Deepings Swimmers look for bags of help, Rutland and Stamford Mercury

May 2017: Deepings Swimmers Look for bags of help, Spalding Today

May 2017:Swimming Club to Bag share of Funds , Peterborough Evening Telegraph

May 2017: Active Magazine, Stamford & Rutland (starts At page50):

May 2017: Spalding Today:

April 2017: Peterborough today, Spinley picked for European Junior Championships

April 2017: Spalding Today, Swimmers raise £12,000 from cross channel challenge

April 2017: Stamford Mercury, Swimmers make a £7,500 Splash
April 2017: Stamford Mercury, Deepings trio shine at British Champs

September 2016: Scene Magazine: Go For Gold

5th September 2016: Spalding Guardian: Deepings Swimming Club launches appeal for new timing board

13th August 2016: Bourne Local: Deepings swimmers pick up medals at national championships

13th August 2016: Stamford Mercury: Deepings swimmers pick up medals at national championships

12th August 2016 - Stamford Mercury: Deepings swimmers win national medals

8th August 2016 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Wray leads the way for Deeping at British Championships

August 2016 issue - Discovering Deeping Magazine: Swim club members make a splash

28th July 2016 - Spalding Guardian: A cracking swim finale

22nd July 2016 - Stamford Mercury: Deepings youngsters all set for summer

22nd July 2016 - Stamford Mercury: Deepings four to swim against Britain's best

21st July 2016 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Deeping swimmers head to Championships

15th July 2016 - Stamford Mercury: Deepings Swim Club win 51 medals in the Netherlands

7th July 2016 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Dutch delight for Deeping & bigger feature online

7th June 2016 - Stamford Mercury: Alex Wray gets Great Britain call-up

27th April 2016 - Spalding Guardian: Deeping Swimming Club in 1990

28th February 2016 - Stamford Mercury: Swim star Wray a three time county champion

26th February 2016 - Spalding Today:
County titles for Deepings swimmers

11th January 2016 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Rio is the coast ahead for Bourne swim pair Alex and Isabel

22nd November 2015 - Stamford Mercury: Wray earns place at Olympic Trials

14th August 2015 - Spalding Guardian: Deepings swimmers find top form

2nd April 2015 - Spalding Guardian: Re-writing the record books

26th March 2015 - Spalding Guardian: Alex aims to be the best of British

26th January 2015 - Spalding Guardian: Alex is ready to take on world's top swimmers

2nd November 2014 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: 10 year old Olivia beats brain surgery to set 13 swimming records

30th October 2014 - Stamford Mercury: Starting blocks give swimmers a boost in the Deepings

25th August 2014 - Spalding Guardian: Deepings siblings are proving Wrays of light

17th July 2014 - Peterborough Today: Dutch delight for the dedicated swimmers of Deeping

10th July 2013 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Olivia makes a big splash as records tumble in Holland

10th July 2013 - Spalding Guardian: Deepings' delight at Dutch display

2nd June 2013 - Bourne Local: Swimmers learn cooking skills at Maharanis restaurant

16th November 2012 - The Rock Sport: Interview with disability swimmer Jordan Clark

1st August 2012 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Medal haul for young swimmer at the junior Olympics

29th July 2012 - Stamford Mercury: Deepings club enjoys tournament in Holland

24th July 2012 - Spalding Guardian: Excellent results in Holland for Deepings club

23rd May 2012 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Wray makes a big splash for the Deepings club

20th July 2011 - Stamford Mercury: Eight from eight for Angelina

18th July 2011 - Spalding Guardian: Flawless Freeman stars in Holland

9th December 2010 - Stamford Mercury: Records broken on a superb day for Deeping swimmers

21st July 2010 - Peterborough Today: Dutch delight as records fall to Deepings kids abroad

12th May 2010 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Lauren's a Wray of sunshine for Deepings club

17th November 2009 - Spalding Guardian: Records galore for Deepings

26th October 2009 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Cook leads the way for Deepings with a double gold

23rd July 2009 - Peterborough Today: Deeping swimmers are among the medals in the Netherlands 

24th March 2009 - Spalding Guardian: Silver medal and PBs for Jordan

24th July 2008 - Stamford Mercury: Deepings swimmers are making their mark

24th July 2008 - Bourne Local: Oliver is Top Boy after seven first places at Cambridge Open

4th April 2008 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Chris a big splash at county championships

11th February 2008 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Deepings are carrying on where they left off in 2007

7th February 2008 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Competitive kids make a splash

4th July 2006 - Spalding Guardian - Deeping swimmers' outstanding results against best of British

10th November 2005 - Stamford Mercury - Bronze for Samantha

15th April 2003 - Spalding Guardian: Ben tops Deepings' massive medal haul

12th March 2002 - Spalding Guardian: Deeping swimmers on another gold rush

13th August 2001 - Stamford Mercury: Jenny flies the flag

6th August 2001 - Peterborough Evening Telegraph: Smith is runner up at the Nationals

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