Deepings Swimming Club competition guidelines

* Inform the coach at least a day in advance if you are not going to swim so you can be withdrawn

* Arrive at the pool knowing which swims you have for that session.

* Arrive at the meet at least 15 minutes before the warm up time so you can do a land based warm up

* Bring correct clothing for poolside and wear it! You should have- Deepings T shirts, shorts or track suit bottoms, clean trainers for your land warm up not flip flops, a hoody to make sure your muscles keep warm before your race.

* You should always wear a Deepings hat during your race. Bring extra hat and goggles in case of breakages.

* Bring drinks and snacks to poolside. Water is the best form of hydration, no sugary snacks or crisps. Fruit, dried fruit, cereal bars (check sugar content)

* Speak to your coach before and after your race for instructions and feedback.

* Warm down after your race if possible

* Check the results to see if you are in the final or are a reserve. Both reserves and finalist will be expected to report fora final. If you are a reserve you will be released by the competitive stewards if you are not required. Report to the final race ready.

* If you do make a final you will be expected to swim unless agreed with the coach beforehand.



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