Junior Fenland League Procedure

The Junior Fenland League is a competition for younger swimmers held against other Clubs from the Fenland Area such as Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Wisbech, Bottisham, Peterborough and March. There are several rounds swum between January and September with the Final being held during October.

The ages for this league are 9yrs, 10 years/under, 11 years/under, 12 years/under and 13 years/under. The 9 year olds swim in a medley and freestyle relay only with the exception that if they are 9 before the Fenland League final they can swim an individual event. The other age groups swim individual events in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. The distance for each stroke depends on the age group. For each age group, with the exception of the 9 years relays, there are cut off times associated with each event.

If a swimmer has swum faster than the cut off time for a particular event, then they are not allowed to compete in that event again. This rule also applies to the team freestyle relay. A swimmer may swim more than one event in their age group or higher age groups so long as they have not swum faster than the cut off time.

Selection  Process

The selection process is done by looking at the times recorded on the PB (personal best) chart and picking the swimmer whose time is closest to the cut off time. The number of swims given to a particular swimmer will depend on their stamina and where the events are in relation to one another.

The club sends an email asking those wishing to be considered for selection to go to the website and confirm their availability. From that list of available swimmers, the final team is chosen with confirmation sent by email to the swimmers/parents/guardians.

It is important that if you are selected, you make every effort to attend the competition. If in exceptional circumstances you are not available you must contact the club.

In some cases not every swimmer who has indicated that they are available will be picked. We are sorry for this but sometimes we can not use every available swimmer as there are limited races in each age group.