You are all kindly requested to read and observe the following Code of Conduct.

Be punctual for your training sessions. If you are late for any reason, please have the courtesy to apologise and explain the reason why

Behave in a responsible and respectful manner to Club Assistants, Teachers, Club Coach and all your fellow swimmers.

Observe and comply with pool safety rules.

Do precisely what your teacher/coach asks you to do.

Keep your training aids (kick-boards/pull-bouys/fins) against the wall at the deep end when not in use. Help to keep our pool working environment clear and safe.

Never knowingly do or say anything that may bring the Club into disrepute.

Take pride in yourself and be proud of Deepings Swimming Club.

If you have any problems or concerns, please speak with your Club Coach or a member of the Committee FIRST. Do not do or say anything you may later regret.


Please now be advised that if a Code breach is committed, you will be verbally cautioned and informed that your name is being entered in the Club's Log Book and why. Three entries in this Book may result in your being asked to leave the Club. Parents will be contacted and the reasons for any booking will be explained and discussed. Every effort will be made to resolve situations in confidence and to the very best of the Club's ability.

The following are examples of bookable offences:

Persistent talking/playing around. Not listening or paying attention.

Distracting others from successfully and safely completing their training sessions.

Anti-social behaviour, for example: rudeness, swearing, verbal or racial abuse, threatening physical abuse, fighting and bullying.

Failure to comply with teaching and coaching instructions.

Failure to observe and abide by pool safety regulations.


Failure to inform the teacher/coach of any illness or injury prior to the start of any training session and/or swimming gala.

Leaving the pool and/or Leisure Centre without permission.

Your Club Coach and the Committee has both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the safety and professional care of every member of the Club and we take it seriously. It is in your best interests to do everything you can to ensure a successful, enjoyable and safe future.

Thank you for your help and co-operation.