Nine club records fell as Deepings Swimming Club returned victorious from last weekend’s Boston Open Meet with a bounty of 103 medals.

Success came in all age groups and all strokes as the team topped the podium 37 times, took 29 silvers and added 37 bronze medals.

Alex Sadler, Tiffany Wong and Bethany Eagle-Brown set new club records with some scintillating performances in the pool.

Alex’s three records came in the 50m butterfly, 100m and 200m backstroke, winning gold in each. The 11-year-old added further golds in the 50m and 200m freestyle and 200m butterfly, taking his tally to six, as well as winning silver in the 400 freestyle.

Twelve-year-old Tiffany smashed four club records as part of her seven medals. In the 50m backstroke, she rewrote the Deepings history book by breaking a record that had stood for 17 years, winning silver in the process.

Tiffany went on the lower the club records in the 100m individual medley (IM), the 50m freestyle (dipping below the magic 30-second benchmark for the first time to set a new record of 29.27) and 50m butterfly, winning gold in all three. She then added further golds in the 100m freestyle and 50m breaststroke, plus bronze in the 100m butterfly.

Fifteen-year-old Bethany Eagle-Brown already holds the club records for 100IM and 100m freestyle in the 14-year-old age category and she has now taken the 15 age group too after a couple of gold-medal performances, including her first sub 59-second 100m freestyle. Bethany also won the 100m butterfly, added silver in 50m butterfly and bronze in the 200IM and 50m freestyle.

The flood of gold medals never stopped over the two days of competition, which took place at Meres Leisure Centre in Grantham.

Emma Dennis dominated the longer distances in the 10-year-old age group, winning the 200IM, 200m backstroke, 100m and 200m breaststroke, and the 400m freestyle. She also chalked up silver in the 50m freestyle and bronze in the 200m backstroke.

Holly Leggott doubled up in the backstroke, with gold in the 100m and 200m, while Lara Treharne collected a pair of golds in the 50m and 100m butterfly, and Lucia Karic won the 200IM and 200m freestyle. In another momentous moment, Holly broke the one minute barrier in the 100m freestyle for the first time, come home in 59.76 to take silver.

Capping a golden meet for the girls’ squad were Millie Bussey (50m butterfly), Grace Edwards (100m backstroke) and Lorna McGill (200m breaststroke).

The boys’ team faced strong competition from some of the best swimmers in the country but produced a number of outstanding performances to add to the burgeoning medal tally.

Jake Jungmann was in impressive form, winning gold in the 50m and 100m backstroke, and the 100IM. Zack Treharne and Joseph Lund claimed two golds apiece, Zack touching home first in the 100IM and 100m butterfly and Joseph in the 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke, while Harry Cardell won the 200m butterfly.

Lynn Chapman, Deepings Swimming Club head coach, said: “Last weekend’s meet demonstrated the progress our swimmers have made since returning from summer break. They have shown great commitment to hard work and a willingness to improve not only their technique but their stamina too. The entire squad put in some outstanding performances and has made significant improvements – it was a fantastic final open meet for 2018.”

Medal winners in full


Lucia Karic (200IM and 200m freestyle), Emma Dennis (200IM, 100m/200m breaststroke, 400m freestyle, 200m backstroke), Millie Bussey (50m butterfly), Grace Edwards (100m backstroke), Lara Treharne (50m/100m butterfly), Tiffany Wong (50m butterfly, 50m/100m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 100IM), Lorna McGill (200m breaststroke), Bethany Eagle-Brown (100IM, 100m butterfly, 100m freestyle), Holly Leggott (100m/200m backstroke), Alex Sadler (50m/200m butterfly, 50m/200m freestyle, 100m/200m backstroke), Joseph Lund (50m butterfly, 200m backstroke), Harry Cardell (200n butterfly), Jake Jungmann (50m/100m backstroke, 100IM), Zack Treharne (100IM, 100m butterfly).


Holly Roffe (50m butterfly), Millie Bussey (50m freestyle, 100IM), Emma Dennis (50m freestyle), Holly Griffin (200m butterfly), Molly Briers (200m butterfly), Bethany Eagle-Brown (50m butterfly), Holly Leggott (50m/100m freestyle, 200m backstroke), Lexi Cooper (50m/100m breaststroke), Emma Wilde (50m breaststroke), Tiffany Wong (50m backstroke), Alex Sadler (400m freestyle), Zack Treharne (200m IM, 50m breaststroke, 50m backstroke), Ed Trofimovas (50m breaststroke), Oscar Towsin (50m backstroke), Harry Cardell (100IM, 200m freestyle), Christian Rollinson (50m butterfly), Joseph Lund (50m breaststroke, 50m backstroke), Owen Sadler (200m backstroke), Jake Jungmann (50m breaststroke).


Maya Sangiorgio (50m butterfly, 50m/100m freestyle), Emma Dennis (200m backstroke), Lilly Tappern (50m/100m freestyle), Lara Treharne (100IM, 200m backstroke), Jessica O’Herlihy (50m butterfly), Molly Briers (200IM, 50m/200m backstroke, 400m freestyle), Tiffany Wong (100m butterfly), Emma Wilde (50m butterfly, 100m/200, breaststroke, 100IM), Lorna McGill (50m breaststroke), Bethany Eagle-Brown (200IM), Holly Leggott (400m freestyle), Lexi Cooper (200m freestyle), Jessie Spooner (200m butterfly, 50m freestyle), Jacob Briers (200IM), Harry Newman (200IM, 200m butterfly), Ed Trofimovas (100IM), Oscar Townsin (50m/200m freestyle, 100m backstroke), Harry Cardell (100m backstroke), Joseph Lund (200IM, Zack Treharne (50m freestyle), Jake Jungmann (50m/100m butterfly, 50m freestyle).

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